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Game on: Gamification in Recruitment

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Gamification in recruitment is getting more and more popular, as it has slowly proven its business case. However, introducing gamification goes hand in hand with a change in your recruitment process. I mean, CVs have been a great way to determine whether someone is a great fit for a job, right?!

Well, let me ask you a question - with all the technological advancements our society has made, how is it that something that is nearly 600 years old still plays a prominent role in hiring decisions?

There are two things that we human beings fear in life. Change and the unknown.

And that’s simply because it gives us the feeling of being less in control. Which also might happen when you decide to shift away from using more traditional ways of assessing candidates..

And that’s exactly why I’m here to help! ;)

In this blog, I’ll provide you with all the help and insights you need in order to take the fear out of gamification in recruitment. After all, seeking discomfort can lead to wonderful things, right?!

What is gamification in recruitment?

Gamification is the application of game-based elements in non-game related contexts. Gamification in recruitment is getting more and more popular, with employers seeing the value in the pre-employment assessments.

How gamification works: Combine science and engagement

Something that might surprise you is the scientific foundation of games. It's not just fun and engaging - games are built and validated upon decades of scientific research and neuroscience.

Created by a team of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, organizational psychologists, data scientists, game designers, and recruitment experts, gamified assessments leverage decades of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to help companies hire people based on science instead of bias. Thus, being novel scientific instruments used to measure and assess someone’s cognitive abilities, personality and unconscious behaviour.

Why Gamification is better than traditional recruitment methods & assessments

”Are you going to tell me that gamified assessments are a better than traditional assessments? No way.”

Well, in fact - recruitment methods & assessments, such as personality questionnaires have shown some fundamental problems, negatively impacting hiring decisions, that gamification solves. ;)

No room for social desirability and trainability.

Traditional assessments, especially personality questionnaires, have the tendency to induce faking behaviour. Whereas, games inhibit people from decoding and identifying socially desirable results and focus on revealing unconscious behaviour more than focusing on the outcome.

Eliminate cultural bias.

There is no room for (cultural) bias as the communication is done via a game instead of through using a lot of text and places emphasis primarily on revealing both conscious and unconscious behaviour.

Leads to improve candidate experience.

Gamified assessments create an environment in which the candidates do not feel like they are being assessed, thus reducing the feelings of test anxiety. This makes the experience not only more enjoyable but also has the potential of reducing application drop-out rates.

Allow you to collect insights that are actually determinants of future job performance.

Games allow you to collect insights about candidates that actually are proven to be predictive for hiring success. Such as cognitive abilities, personality and behaviour of individuals.

Diversifies your talent pool & helps to create more diverse teams.

Firstly, within the validation studies, all games are tested for possible effects of factors of demographics, such as age, gender, educational-, or cultural background, to ensure that the games provide a fair assessment that is not influenced by these factors.

As a result, leading to fair hiring practices and equal opportunities in hiring. This can be characterized by the effort to (i) evaluate all applicants equally and (ii) based on the same information, i.e. insights gathered from the gamified assessments.

How Equalture’s gamified assessments can help you build successful teams

Winning teams grow your company. If you know how to collect the right insights in the right way, you can build teams that are future-proof. Simple as that.

Here at Equalture, we develop game-based assessments that help you objectively reveal your hiring needs to make hiring decisions that are future-proof.

There is so much more to say, but…it’s always better to experience something yourself, rather than just reading about it, right?

Try a game

Cheers, Anete Vesere

Content Marketer at Equalture